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is my journal working?

Every day is like hell.

Every day is harder and harder to wake up to. Sometimes, I just don't want to wake up at all. I've barely slept, and yet the nightmares have engraved themselves so well into my sleep that shutting my eyes is out of the question. And nothing's changed. That's the worst part; feeling like everything I did was pointless. It all seemed so amazing, and then one day, you wake up and realize that everything that was great was a facade. I'm starting to have a real loathing for people. Nobody's genuine anymore; nobody gives as much as they get, or tries as much as they're tried for. It feels like everyone else is just out for themselves; so when you're out for someone else, what do you do? Odds are, you run into someone that's just out for themselves, whether they seem to be or not. Eventually, you get to a spot where a tough decision has to be made on both ends, and odds are good that they'll be looking out for themselves while you get shafted regardless of the choice you make. In the end, when you're not looking out for yourself, you always get burned. And that's why every day is like hell.

Hatred in ways the words can't explain

meaningless title... meaningless update...

yes, i've converted to the darkside :(

i have a myspace...



i moved from texas to AZ...

I wanted a girl so bad that it hurt...
then she made me think it would work...
she then buried my heart into the dirt...
I cried so much, i drenched my shirt...

yea :(

other than that, I'm making about $25K a year... w00t for me :) gonna pick up another job probably and start making another $10k a year (part time) gonna use the second job to pay for a new car :)

now... Ford Mustang GT Convertible, black...
or.... BMW convertible, black...
or.... Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (convertible), black...
or.... SUV of some sort...

hmmmmmm :)

OR... motorcycle :D



only in game though :D lol, when they finish implementing the marriage portion of Maple Story, are characters are gonna get married :D w00t lol..

anyway, I got a cell phone! I love my job it's so sweet... anyway, here's my cell number:


the phone I have is a T-Mobile Samsung t809 phone, it doubles as an MP3 player, takes pictures, etc, so nice! :D

by the way, I moved to chandler, AZ... it's awesome... my job rocks... I make about $2000 a month, paid every week... it's insane... I work for a company called 2Wire doing tech support for SBC Yahoo DSL! it's awesome... $12/hr, guaranteed 40 hours a week, i go to work at 2 and get off at 10:30, just in time for the club, and I get thursday's and friday's off... overtime is easy to get, and OT pay is $18/hr... it's sick... and usually if someone needs time off, they give away their hours and sometimes if they're desperate, people pay you to take their shift, which gives you overtime and extra money... I'm taking an extra 9 hours on friday, and Gino (the guy that's giving the hours away) is gonna pay me $50 to take the shift... that's 18x9 = 162 + 50 = $212 JUST ON FRIDAY!!! w00t w00t... Gino's cool, he's 23, part filipino and we listen to the same music and stuff...

Then there's Lee, which is 18, he's really quiet but he's cool to hang with... then there's Shauna, she's 20, she's hott and stuff and really nice, but i dunno, i like Jen in Cali a TON haha so interesting... then there's Samantha, she's almost married and has a kid and Lee asked her to dinner not knowing any of this, and he told me and it was a roll on the floor and laugh your ass off moment LOL... then there's Stephen, which is in my group, he's 19... he's asian and really cool... there's also my boss, Brad, he's a BAD ASS... i love my job, and my boss is awesome... oh yea, his daughter's fucking hott too lol... there's so much to update on...

I graduated training at work in a class of 12 (which is 50% larger than most training groups) and i graduated with Top Gun honors (meaning i did the best job on the phone during training)... work rules, it's so awesome... so much money...

anyway, jen makes me really REALLY happy... she has the voice i've always dreamed of... she's so sweet and we talk about EVERYTHING... it's like i've known her forever, or like i'm just talking to a dream in my sleep (like my imagination just created the ideal person for me) so funny though, cuz i dunno what she looks like... just 21, blonde, lives in Cali, voice like an angel, heart like a cupid, and she thinks i'm funny, and dubbed me "Squish Tested, Jen Approved" (cuz she likes guys that aren't totally ripped, but not like feather soft sink-in-while-hugging style"

anyway, we're on the phone right now, been on the phone every night for about 2-4 hours... for like the past 2.5 weeks.... it's so amazing, i don't see how we talk so much and still find more to talk about... it's awesome... anyway, maybe someday we'll get to meet ^_^ alright, i gtg ... gonna devote my attention to her until she passes out :D which it sounds like she's about to haha... anyway, later y'all! SEND ME A TEXT ON MY CELL!! w00t!!!!! - Romez





and breathe... just breathe...

I got my DFI Motherboard back in my computer.. they sent me a case sticker, a case badge, and some easy-pull jumper caps with it... my system is sweet again :) nice and quiet, and fast, and I can't wait to get my grubby paws around Age of Empires III!!! and UT2K7...

Speaking of UT2K7, Leo came by the office yesterday to give me my lights back (yes, my raving lights... my "they-now-cost-$25-plus-shipping-each" discontinued Spinmaster StrobeFX lights... I was the first mawfahka in San Angelo to bring them to the club, I was the hottest shit in the club for almost a year, and then I gave them away like a dumbass and quit going to the club... now I got them back, so come january, I'm gonna be tearin da club up AGAIN, thugz!!) in exchange, he wanted me to give him back the UT2K4 CDs that he bought from me that I had to borrow again to install on a dedicated server that had no DVD-ROM... note to self: from now on, DVD in every machine...

anyway, we talked for like an hour about random shit, then he was like "ya, my woman's in my car" and I was like ".... dude... wtf... who cares?" we had a good laugh at that, and then I was like "naw seriously, I'll catch you later then..." so he left... he should've gotten here like 40 minutes earlier so he could meet my boss, that way in case I ever get sick again, my boss can call Leo instead of Matt... yea, anyway...

So today's advice for the day is:

Want to save gas? Here are your options: walk, ride a bike, carpool, get a scooter, trade your gas-guzzling V8 1983 Ford E-150 in for a 4-bangin' car, or KEEP YOUR FUCKING RPM'S TO A MINIMUM! People, if you try to keep your RPM's below 3000/minute, then you won't use as much gas... Also: spend the $40 to get a tune-up, and make sure your oil has been changed... check the damn air in your tires, and add a fuel-injector cleaning solvent, like SeaFoam... add some STP Fuel Saver and DON'T DRIVE SO FUCKING MUCH!

that's more of a note-to-self, but ya... good advice to anyone, anyway :) Click and Bitch, people!!
in case you don't know what I'm talking about, a local radio station (94.7 KIXY FM) hides $1000 a week for 10 weeks and gives you these stupid clues to go find it...

week 1: adam and I were on the other side of the fence, a day before it was found...

week 2: adam and I were way off, but no one found teh cash

week 3: I was in the hospital, no one found teh 1007

week 4: this is week four... the money is up to $3000, and I'm starvin to have some money in my pocket... adam and I (and Jimmy from work) are hard at work deciphering these clues (not that they need deciphering... they're written by some guy that writes while he masturbates or something... arg) but hopefully soon, I'll be $2500 richer ($500 to adam)

*gurgle gurgle* naw that ain't me, that's mah stomach o_O... on top of that, I had a bruised esoffugus esophagus esophogas throat, and it sucked when I tried to eat... oh ya, the night I came back from the hospital, I wokeup and threwup.. at the same time.. in mah mouth -_-... it was nastier than Rotten.com yo... anyway...

I bought mahself a new stereo for mah car.. it should get here this week nya nya... here's da specs Sony CDX-F7715X @ Crutchfield or for those of you too lazy to click on that, here they are, sans picture (and for those of you that don't know what sans means... here's a big ONE UP for ya)

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
................SHOVE IT!

ok, here's the specs:


» CD/MP3 receiver with built-in amplifier (17 watts RMS/52 peak x 4 channels)
» plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs (including discs loaded with MP3 and ATRAC3plus files)
» EQ7 (7-band equalizer and 7 preset tone curves)
» flip-down, detachable faceplate with full-motion fluorescent display
» BBE MP to revitalize your compressed music files
» Dynamic Soundstage Organizer for improved soundstage focus
» CD changer controls
» XM Satellite Radio controls (XM subscription, optional XM tuner, and antenna required to receive the satellite radio signal) — service is available only in the lower 48 states, not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories
» 4-volt front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs
» CEA-2006 Compliant amplifier
» wireless remote
» clock
» 18 FM/12 AM presets
» seek tuning
» auxiliary input
» SSIR-EXA tuner for high-performance AM/FM
» CD frequency response 10-20,000 Hz
» CD signal-to-noise ratio 120 dB
» FM sensitivity 9 dBf
» warranty: 2 years

but y'all should go to the website anyway to check out what this sexy-mamacita's gonna look like... i just wish it glowed teh red, yo... that'd be one PHAT BITCHin car!!! hehe... next mod: ZX2 Third Brake Light Decal w00t w00t...

Final thought for the entry: for those of you that haven't been, you should go to: HowStuffWorks.com cuz that site is BITCHIN! ^_^

pace out, yo'z... CLICK AND BITCH!!!

pnemone for me, bitch...

I was in the hospital from sunday to friday... that shit sucked, yo... I had teh "walking pnemonia"... why the FUCK do they call it "walking pnemonia" when I got that shit, I stopped dead in my tracks... comment, bitches, while you pnemone for me...
whatup biabi's? just chillin at my friend's house, updatin the usual, slingin it like it's gizzin all over the place... I don't have anything to talk about right now, but I'm just here to prove that I'll be back again!!! HAHAHAHAHA